Hello. We are Matt & Cheri Uldrich and we're glad you are visiting our website.

Please take some time to read through the different sections to learn more about us and the counseling process. Whether you find yourself in acute crisis or a long term situation, providentially today is the day you began to take ownership of your health and healing. By taking the first step to seek help you are allowing your heart to awaken.


Moving Forward

If you are ready to move forward then click the CONTACT tab below and make an appointment. Freedom, healing, hope, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and a new normal await you.

Matt writes, "What I love about the collaborative therapeutic process is being on the front row of the change process. It's a sacred privilege to watch transformation take place in the human heart- beauty arises out of brokenness, healing from hurt, finding hope out of heartache, and the revelation of the real you with your true face."


Getting to a new normal means we need to leave the place where we are. That journey might involve walking across the bridge of hope to a new place. Far below is the chasm of fear & doubt, hurt & shame, pain & suffering, tragedy & trauma, and even bitterness, unforgiveness, and unrelenting rage. 

Cheri writes, "I love listening to stories... your story! And I love shooting for your glory and helping you find your voice so you can live in freedom & peace."